The acronym USA RI (Rotary International) in S (Sri Lanka) IN (India) for Girl (G) education.
Involves US, India, Srilanka Rotary teams to educate girls in vocational training for a self sustaining future.
Fundraiser: November 23rd, 2013, Saline High 

The acronym RI (Rotary International) in S (Sri Lanka) IN (India) for Girl (G) education.

 Most non-profits always look for money to sustain its operations. However, the resources that we are looking to save have unlimited potential. We want to provide the skills of the future for the orphans and the neglected youth globally. 

This project provides local youth the training to be the front end project and service personnel, and the youth in India and Srilanka to be back-end support teams. These teams will work with various Charitable institutions and provide web, email and service support for a nominal fee that would sustain their organizations. 

This is modelled after the typical outsourcing model that is used by global organizations today. However, our goal is to have these organizations make money to sustain themselves.